Saveur Digbys Juice (2 testées)

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digbys-juicesE-liquide Digbys Juices

e-liquide “made in United Kingdom”

Hailing from the depths of Dorset, Digbys Juices are one of the UK’s premier manufacturers of premium e-liquids. Their juices are handmade in small batches to ensure they always produce the highest quality possible. And they certainly are gourmet – with multiple layers of flavour, innovative combinations and subtle notes which really make the taste come alive.

If you need convincing that Digbys are master mixologists of the highest magnitude, consider this… they have even gone to the lengths of using different PG:VG ratios for different flavours to ensure just the right balance for each tincture.


50% PG / 50% VG

Bonne vapeur.



  • Oriental Plunder : Tabac blond, pomme, une pointe de gingembre.
    (pourrait convenir au vapotage quotidien)


This is a complex but excellently balanced e-liquid. Another 50:50 PG:VG mix, the flavour is a combination of American red tobacco, sweet apple and a hint of ginger – and it works beautifully. With a full on but not overpowering throat hit and great vapour production, you can happily chug away on this all day without getting in the least bit bored.





  • Dr Jekyll :  Anis, absinthe, avec un soupçon d’agrumes et de menthe. Goût absinthe / anis. Légèrement sucré.

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